Trump Fires Chief of Staff Priebus As War On D.C. Swamp Escalates

Earlier in the week D.C. Whispers went public with the following information:

“With a White House staff shakeup that is just beginning, and a handful of conservative supporters within Congress, POTUS Trump is at this very moment preparing to wage all out war on the D.C. swamp…”

The above came 72-hours before POTUS Trump announced the firing/resignation of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus – just announced this afternoon. Priebus has been replaced by retired four-star General John Kelly as various media reports indicate POTUS Trump wanted to go with a “new direction” inside his White House:


There were those who doubted the information repeatedly presented here at D.C. Whispers earlier regarding imminent White House staff shakeups.

Those doubters are now predictably silent.

As noted in an earlier report, Trump is unleashing the Dogs of War in D.C. Priebus, a close ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan, was long suspected of being a primary leaker of Trump White House information to the media.

It shall be a war with an outcome largely dependent upon the continues support of his millions of supporters.

Taking on the Deep State Establishment is no small task. POTUS Trump’s ability to emerge victorious remains unknown.