How Trump Is Forcing Democrats To Agree To New Border Wall & End To Immigration Lottery System


With a single tweet, (that is already well on its way to generating 100k+ likes) Donald Trump has forcefully pushed Democrats into a corner and likely secured a full victory for plans for a new wall on the nation’s southern border.

What Mr. Trump has done is use one of the Democrats’ most sacred political cows – DACA, and used it as leverage to secure full funding and move-ahead-construction, of the proposed border wall. POTUS also threw in the end to the “ridiculous” immigration lottery system that many fear has already allowed dangerous terrorists to enter the country.

Open borders has been among the globalists greatest weapons to bring about the weakening and eventual downfall of America as we know it. Donald Trump is the first politician in a generation to so forcefully fight back against that plan. Every citizen of this country already owes him a considerable debt of gratitude.