Trump Gets Highest Approval Rating EVER In USA Today Poll But USA Today Doesn’t Report On It!

The USA-Suffolk poll used to be a poll the far left would point to often as proof of President Trump’s lack of popularity among the American people.

Ah, but then the president’s approval numbers started to rise and now this week he enjoys his highest approval rating yet with that poll and guess what?

USA Today is all but ignoring the results of their own poll!

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Here’s something you haven’t heard — and, unless I tell you, you probably will not hear about it. “President Trump has scored his highest approval rating ever in a key national poll, but the media outfit that produced it has not written about it,” has not done a story on it. It’s USA Today today. Their poll is the USA-Suffolk poll that was taken June 11th through June the 15th. In this poll, Donald Trump’s approval number is at 49%, versus 48% who disapprove. He has never reached this level in the USA Today poll. It is “a profound increase from the president’s lowest point in this poll.”

He was at 38% in February of 2018, just a few months ago. Now he’s gone essentially from 38 to 49%, and they are ignoring it. They are not reporting it. “While Trump’s highest approval seemingly wasn’t news to USA Today, the 38% from last February,” they couldn’t print it enough! They ran it over and over like CNN and Wolf Blitzer when George W. Bush’s approval numbers hit the thirties. That was breaking news for five hours in a row on CNN. So, in the USA Today-Suffolk poll, President Trump today — well, the poll date, June 15th, six days ago — 49% approval/48% disapproval, and they haven’t run it. They haven’t reported it. But now you know.


An 11-p0int improvement for President Trump in their own poll and USA Today ignores the result.