Trump In Talks With Gingrich For White House Chief of Staff Position?

A newly whispered rumor involves Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich having preliminary discussion about Gingrich’s involvement in a Trump White House as the potential new president’s Chief of Staff.

Trump is said to have made clear his intention to surround himself with a mix of business-savvy men and women as well as some who have considerable experience dealing with the monstrosity that is D.C. politics.

The former Speaker of the House and 2012 presidential candidate was the last to lead a Congress that was willing to send to the president’s desk a balanced budget, and Trump appears increasingly interested in utilizing Gingrich’s considerable talent and know-how to keep his White House on task and on time in delivering the kind of change Mr. Trump’s millions of supporters are hoping for in 2017.


Gingrich has recently been a vocal supporter of the Trump campaign, indicating a belief that Donald Trump might very well be the only one among all the candidates, Republican or Democrat, who has the fortitude to pull America back from the brink. He most recently warned the Republican Establishment it needs to begin to prepare for the reality that is a “Trump future” following the endorsement of the current GOP frontrunner by New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

As White House Chief of Staff, Gingrich would be one of the primary links between the Oval Office and Congress.

Gingrich is also said to be giving Trump advice on potential picks for Vice President.