Trump Insiders Increasingly Frustrated Over Billionaire’s Repeated Blunders This Past Week

Donald Trump had a bad week.

That’s not the word coming from the often anti-Trump Mainstream Media or Establishment politicians, but rather from the men and women working within the Trump campaign, including, it is said, Trump campaign supervisor and longtime politico, Paul Manafort, the man largely credited with ensuring Trump secured the GOP nomination.

“He needs to start listening. The campaign is a team sport now.”

Those were the words of Trump adviser, Newt Gingrich spoken to Fox News’s Chris Wallace this past Sunday. It is a sentiment said to be widespread throughout Team Trump of late as the presumptive GOP nominee finds himself taking incoming from the Clinton campaign, the media, and still some within his own Republican Party.


Mr. Trump’s performance was so uneven this past week it required a somewhat testy one-on-one between Trump and Paul Manafort. Whispers indicate Manafort was unnerved over what should have been the campaign’s primary focus following the rioting by American flag-burning protesters in San Jose following a Trump rally. Instead, the news cycle jumped upon Trump’s belief that the judge overseeing his Trump University civil lawsuit should step down from the case because, “He’s Mexican.”

The judge was born in Indiana to Mexican-immigrant parents.

It was a verbal misstep that has since become the focus of media attention, a focus the Mr. Manafort is said to be increasingly frustrated by. Newt Gingrich described Trump’s “He’s a Mexican” statement  as, “utterly innapropriate” and a “terrible mistake.”

It should be noted that since his meeting with Manafort, Trump has gone silent for nearly twenty-four hours, an uncommon occurrence for the normally verbose GOP front-runner.