Trump Is Single Handedly Defeating The Democrats & Establishment Media In The 2018 Midterms

Something truly remarkable is happening across the country during this Midterm Election cycle. President Trump is engaged in an all-out barnstorm the likes of which we have never seen before by a sitting president, working harder than any of his opponents ever dreamed was possible. And you want to know what? It’s working. Trump is single-handedly defeating the Democrats and Establishment Media in 2018.

And again, as took place in 2016, the same Establishment Media is deaf and dumb when it comes to listening to what’s going on between the east and west coasts of America. Tens of thousands are turning out each and every time President Trump attends a campaign rally for a Republican candidate and then each time, that candidate sees a significant bump in the polls.

The much-hyped blue wave has turned into a trickle as Democrats, once extremely confident they would at the very least take the House back, are quietly hoping they can manage to do so. The desperation within the DNC has become so great in fact that more and more are openly suggesting the media-blitz pipe bomb scare was nothing more than a clumsy political false flag meant to halt the Trump momentum just two weeks out from Election Day.

It wasn’t supposed to be this close. Historically, the party in power loses seats during the Midterms, often a LOT of seats. The kind of loss former President Barack Obama called a ‘shellacking.’

In 2018, despite the media’s 24/7 claims of President Trump being a divisive and unpopular president, a Trump stamp of approval is the single most powerful political endorsement out there today.

Don’t forget to vote, America.