Trump Just Appointed Most Women To Initial Cabinet In U.S. History – Fake News Media Ignores That Fact

Ok, let’s start this story out with a very recent New York Times headline. You know, one of those power-approved “REAL” news organizations that only work to report unfiltered, unbiased events both great and small:


That story ran two days ago and further pushes the false narrative of Donald Trump’s anti-woman views, despite decades of actual history that prove Mr. Trump as being one of the most supportive CEO’s of women in American business.

And now here is a headline from today from someone the New York Times and its supporters like Hillary Clinton, might very well dismiss as a pusher of “fake” news:


No president in U.S. history has initially appointed more women to Cabinet post positions than Donald Trump. (Which mirrors what Mr. Trump has done all of his adult life in his business dealings – place competent and talented women in positions of authority.)

And yet, where is the New York Times headlines blaring this fact?

There you have it, folks. The fake news is the real news, and the real news is the fake news. Donald Trump revealed that truth over the last eighteen months. Don’t allow the Establishment powers to decide for you what is real and what is not.


Someone Tell the Fake News Media=> Trump Appoints Most Female Members to Cabinet in History