Trump Just Gave America Best Budget Month In U.S. History (Trump Surplus Edition)

Wow and double wow. It’s the Trump economic boom the Establishment Media/Globalists don’t want discussed but it’s getting harder and harder for them to hide the truth of just how well Donald Trump is doing as President.  In April the U.S. government enjoyed a budget surplus of nearly $300 BILLION dollars.

Via The Washington Times:

The federal government took in a record tax haul in April en route to its biggest-ever monthly budget surplus, the Congressional Budget Office said, as a surging economy left Americans with more money in their paychecks — and this more to pay to Uncle Sam.

All told the government collected $515 billion and spent $297 billion, for a total monthly surplus of $218 billion. That swamped the previous monthly record of $190 billion, set in 2001.

CBO analysts were surprised by the surplus, which was some $40 billion more than they’d guessed at less than a month ago.

Analysts said they’ll have a better idea of what’s behind the surge as more information rolls in, but for now, said it looks like individual taxpayers are paying more because they have higher incomes.


It’s common-sense economics that sadly has become so uncommon in recent decades. Allow people to keep more of their own money which in turn stimulates economic growth, creating more taxpayers which ultimately provides more real revenue to the government. The truth is that for those who truly want sustainable bigger government, a lower taxes/lower regulations free market economy is the way to do it.