Trump Pushes Putin Around On Syria

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is looking more and more like a world-stage midget as President Trump delivers a stunning counter-attack on the Putin-supported Assad regime in Syria.

Trump spoke clearly on what he intended to do after it was reported chemical weapons were once again utilized by the Assad regime.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin issued a series of blustering threats that Trump was to back off.

Not only were those threats ignored by the U.S. president, but the Trump administration brought in both Great Brittain and France to aid in the counter-attack against Assad that included more than 100 cruise missiles raining down upon the Assad regime’s chemical weapons capabilities. Much damage was done but very few casualties.

Putin is said to now be fuming at having lost so much face while even the normally bellicose Iranian government is proceeding with far more caution than it historically has in the face of further potential U.S. military power.

Donald Trump has quickly earned a reputation as a leader who does what he says he will do – the critics be damned. American influence is on the rise again after eight long years of a tepid Obama foreign policy that did more apologizing for America’s power than utilizing that power to push back against tyranny.

The Obama years are now a distant memory/bad dream.

The Age of Trump has arrived and the world has been put on notice.