Trump Stands By VA Nominee Ronny Jackson As Far Left Ramps Up Character Assassination Attempts

“Why would anyone want to put themselves through this?” President Trump asked reporters in response to a question about his now-embattled choice to lead the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Ronny Jackson has enjoyed a long and storied career as a military physician. This week he faces an onslaught of smears and rumors against him. The great sin in the eyes of the liberal media and leftist politicians is clearly his affiliation with a president they despise. The attacks on Jackson’s character started in earnest months earlier when he declared President Trump both physically and mentally fit. Reporters actually had the audacity to openly fantasize about Trump being declared insane.

Some of the rumors now being peddled to destroy Jackson’s reputation are that he created a hostile work environment, he drinks too much, and “improperly dispensing medication.”

Jackson maintains he intends to fight the smears and move forward with the nomination process. He is one of many Trump nominees that continue to be stalled by obstructionist Democrats and spineless Republicans quietly working against the President’s “America First” agenda.

Whispers indicate if Jackson survives the next 48-hours his chances of being nominated increase greatly.

The clock is ticking – and Democrats are on the attack.