Trump Takes On NFL Anti-American Protestors (VIDEO)

The media is already condemning POTUS Trump’s comments even as millions of Americans collectively thank the President for saying what has been on their minds for some time. The nation is tired of spoiled millionaire athletes thinking they can look down upon all those who share an unwavering love of country and support the brave men and women of all colors who fill the ranks of law enforcement.

Donald Trump has now made the NFL the focus of the Obama-generated divide in America – a rift between those who respect the traditions of this nation and those who would see those traditions destroyed.

Here are POTUS Trump’s (unfiltered) thoughts on the subject that now has the media and activist pro athletes so upset. How dare anyone speak up for the common men and women who pay a week’s wages to watch a football game and then be subjected to players turning their backs on the flag and country that has afforded them such lives of luxury.


REMINDER: POTUS Trump’s NFL comments came within 48-hours of this D.C. Whispers report on that very subject:

The NFL Is Dying As Middle Class Americans Say “TURN IT OFF”