Trump To Meet With Apple Titan Tim Cook To Negotiate More Jobs In America

President Donald Trump is on a negotiating tear of late. From China to Iran to Mexico via sheer force of will, he is creating an entirely new America-First dynamic throughout the world.

The result will be more jobs here at home. A LOT more jobs.

A soon-to-happen sit down with Apple CEO Tim Cook is yet another example of this. Apple employs tens of thousands all over the world. Donald Trump wants more of those jobs to return to the United States.

Guess what? Tim Cook appears to be prepared to do just that.

The reason why is simple. With the improved corporate tax code recently delivered by the Trump agenda, bringing jobs back to America is now far more feasible for the tech giant. President Trump laid the groundwork that companies are now walking on and negotiating far better deals and opportunities for job creation because of it.

It’s a far simpler, direct, and common-sense approach than Washington D.C. has seen in generations.

It’s why Trump is so popular with his supporters. He gets sh*t done.

It really is that simple.