Trump to Mueller – BRING IT

Having grudgingly kept the government running with a bloated special-interest laden budget bill sent to him by Establishment leaders in Congress, Donald Trump is back to work on his America-first agenda and increasingly willing to go toe-to-toe with the ongoing Mueller investigation. 

Whispers indicate something is up on the Mueller front and that President Trump is preparing for an all-out war regarding whatever that something is.

The Trump legal team has been shuffled, various reports indicate some movement within the Trump DOJ has already taken place with more to follow, Congressional staffers have shared stories of White House stand-down directives being given that intend to clear the playing field, leaving only Trump and Mueller to face off against each other. (Likely meaning Ryan and McConnel are to keep their mouths shut regarding the impending battle.)

“He’s telling Mueller to bring it,” says one such source.

It seems Trump is confident to the point of open bravado when it comes to Mueller these days. Whether or not that is false bravado remains to be seen. It’s difficult to know what Mueller is even investigating now. The Trump/Russia collusion angle has been all but dropped. Some remnants of an obstruction charge are still dangling out there somewhere but most legal experts suggest it doesn’t have legs. That leaves Mr. Trump’s personal empire at stake – the “nuclear option” for which Mueller was willing to go after all along if need be. Apparently, he thinks that need is now.

If there is one thing that will bring out the aggression in Donald Trump it’s going after his family and his legacy and that is exactly what Robert Mueller is now doing.

A longtime D.C. political operative put it this way:

“The President is a champion counter-puncher. He’s still waiting for Mueller to take the first real swing in this fight and then he intends to knock Mueller the f*ck out.”