Two AMAZING Trump Economy #s That Will Make Liberal Heads Boil…

Remember when all the economic media “experts” declared the world would end when Donald Trump was elected president? The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, were all pulling out their collective hair and warning of certain doom.

Well guess what? The exact opposite has happened despite President Trump getting almost no help from Congress (and a lot of opposition including a meddling Federal Reserve) a combination of common sense deregulation and tax reform has ushered in one of the strongest economic periods in American history. That’s not to say huge challenges don’t remain (debt) but does anyone actually think Hillary Clinton could have possibly done any better and not more likely a lot worse for the American worker? 

The resiliency of this Trump economy is truly something to behold and he should be commended for it, supported for it, and more and more of you should be ignoring the Establishment Media that continues to lie about it. Check out the amazing statistic shared by the president with all of you just this morning:

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