UGH. Barack Obama Spent BILLIONS Of Taxpayer Dollars Trying To Convince You He’s Smart

It has been eight years of the most ego-driven presidency in the history of the Republic.

And if the devil is to be found in the details, those details have now revealed the extent of Barack Obama’s yearning to convince others of his own magnificence – an endeavor he spent a half-BILLION dollars per year of taxpayer dollars on.

And beyond that direct $500 million per year federal employee public relations army, is another ONE BILLION dollars the administration is utilizing for outside the administration PR firms to spin his policies in a favorable light.

That is a one billion dollar advertising campaign to combat reports on administration-related scandals, the still-tepid economy, unemployment, the rise of ISIS, etc. In short, it is the pay-to-play scheme that Team Obama has utilized to control the Mainstream Media.


One billion dollars will buy a president a great deal of influence and positive coverage via public relations advertising that then goes into the pockets of the largest media agencies.

And YOU, the taxpayers, are paying for the blessing of having the media repeat to you over and over again how wonderful a president Barack Obama has been. (And of late, how wonderful of a president Hillary Clinton would be.) It is a shocking, profit-driven version of Soviet Pravda whereby the federal government is now spending billions convincing voters what and how they should think.

Pretty creepy.