Uh, Why Are Liberals Going Nuts Over Trump Declaring Jerusalem The Capital of Israel? Hillary Clinton Declared The Exact Same Thing!

The media is in a lather today over Donald Trump keeping yet another campaign promise and declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Chicken Little pundits are breathlessly warning of “instability” in the Middle East, (never realized it had ever been considered stable) and “offending” our allies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. (Yeah…OK)

Meanwhile, a little trip in the not-so-way-back time machine shows Hillary Clinton proudly and loudly declaring her intent on supporting Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. She was applauded for her stance then, but Donald Trump is vilified for making the exact same pledge now? The fact is, U.S. presidents have been promising to do this very thing for years. (with the exception of the anti-Jewish Barack Obama) The difference is Donald Trump actually did what he said he would. He seems to have a knack for that which clearly has the D.C. elite losing their minds.

Gee, it’s like these people don’t actually believe a d*mn thing they say…