Unbalanced or Decisive? President Trump Considers West Wing Throwdown

President Trump is not happy. As in really-really not happy. The focus of his ire is on the current Trump West Wing inner-circle who he feels has been far too slow to react to the ongoing onslaught of negative press and too willing to play the game of D.C. leaks at the expense of his administration. Mr. Trump is a true D.C. outsider with very few personal ties the city’s political power structure. That power structure is now doing all it can to ensure the President fails on nearly every aspect of his “America First” agenda.

In response to this environment, Mr. Trump is now openly considering several top-tier West Wing firings.

Almost no-one is considered safe including current White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, chief strategist Steve Bannon, to counsel Don McGahn and press secretary Sean Spicer.

Mr. Trump sees these figures during the workday, but in the evening is said to be receiving outside the White House counsel from longtime trusted friends and associates who are letting him know, unfiltered, that the media is having its way with him and there appears to be few in D.C. willing to actually help move the President’s agenda forward.

The President is said to be personally stunned by the levels of incompetence and waste throughout the federal government, and equally disappointed in how tireless the Mainstream Media is in defending that corrupt system and attacking any who threaten the status-quo.  He knew it was bad. He didn’t know it would be this bad.

And therein lies the great disconnect between President Trump’s past life as a results-oriented businessman and his brief time as a politician surrounded by lifetime political participants who only care about the next election result and maintaining the corrupt D.C. status-quo that churns out billions of dollars every year in waste, fraud and abuse against the American people.


If the President makes good on his threat to clean out the West Wing, the media will pounce on it as a sign the Trump presidency is crumbling under the pressure. Some among those fired will share salacious details meant to further harm what remains of the administration. Soon more and more members of Congress will declare Mr. Trump mentally unfit – a charge the media will then repeat over and over.

You see, Donald Trump actually wants to change how the federal government does business. For all those who are making millions off of the D.C. gravy train, they consider such change to be crazy and will do everything they can to ensure it doesn’t happen.

You thought it was ugly in D.C. already?

You haven’t seen ‘nothin’ yet.