Utility Rates Are Now Lower And America Is Stronger Thanks To Trump Tax Cuts

In yet another example of how President Trump is working harder than any president before him to save the American Middle Class, a new report out today outlines how the Trump tax cuts are helping to lower utility costs across the nation.

Via ATR:

Thanks to the tax cuts passed by the Republican House and Senate and signed by President Donald Trump, at least 120 utilities across the country are lowering rates for customers, according to a report from Americans for Tax Reform. This means lower electric bills, lower gas bills, and lower water bills for Americans.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act cut the corporate rate from 35% to 21%. Utility companies are passing on the tax savings in the form of lower rates for customers.


Consider the following: In less than two years the Trump presidency has overseen a dramatic increase in U.S. jobs, lower unemployment for all including historically low unemployment among women and minorities, remarkable gains to people’s retirement accounts, considerable reinvestment into low-income/minority communities, vastly improved military capability, ongoing America-first trade deals with South Korea, the EU, Mexico, and soon both Canada and China, the destruction of ISIS, more healthcare choice, and much needed prison reform, among many other significant accomplishments.

The United States is undeniably far stronger since Donald Trump took office. People’s lives are better. So why is it the Establishment Media and the elite political class are so determined to see the Trump presidency destroyed?

Because the forces opposed to Trump don’t want a stronger and more prosperous America for all but rather would see power and influence granted to only a chosen few.

The record outlined above makes it clear. If you are for President Trump you are for freedom.

If you are against President Trump you are against freedom.

It really is that simple.