Valerie Jarrett’s & Establishment Media’s Total Hypocrisy Exposed As They Pass Judgement On Roseanne Bar

The Establishment Media was very quick to trot out longtime Barack Obama adviser, Valerie Jarrett to get her thoughts on the scandal-of-the-day – Roseanne Barr’s Twitter rant against Ms. Jarrett’s Muslim Brotherhood affiliation that was condemned as racist. 

Note who Jarrett is seated between. On her right is MSNBC host Joy Reid whose blog posts outlined repeated and shocking anti-gay bias. Reid claims her blog was hacked – and then apologized. On Jarrett’s right is racist/bigot-peddler, Al Sharpton. Mr. Sharpton has long attacked the Jewish community, police officers (primarily white police officers) and homosexuals and has spent the last handful of years attempting to revise that past – and making a very good living while doing so.

And here is Jarrett, sitting between those two figures, spouting her “teaching moment” nonsense while nobody dares question Jarrett and her very troubling yet well-documented affiliation with the anti-gay, anti-woman, terrorist organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood. How hard would it be for someone, ANYONE, in the media to simply ask Ms. Jarrett why she is so close to a group the U.K government, among others, officially designated a terrorist organization?