Veteran U.S. Intel Operative: Vegas Shooting A Deliberate Act Of Terror By Far Left Extremist (VIDEO)

It makes sense. Authorities and the media have been very-very reluctant to suggest the Vegas shooter’s motive. Why? Is it a cover-up? More and more are saying it could be. When you mention the recent shooting of a United States Congressman by a far left activist most have no idea what you’re talking about? That’s because the media (and social media powers) worked double-time to push the story away. They didn’t report on it therefor it never happened.

Given the many deaths and injuries that took place in Las Vegas that will be more difficult to do but that doesn’t mean the Establishment Media won’t try. Listen carefully to Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer, a man with considerable intel operations experience explain what to him already appears to be the shooter’s likely motive. A pro-America, pro-Trump, pro-2nd Amendment audience was attacked and killed by a far-left extremist. It is an environment media outlets like CNN and others have been creating for months since Donald Trump’s election victory. Also, if there is an ISIS link, then it provides further evidence that there is almost no difference between the now radicalized left in American and what is the deadliest terrorist organization in the world. Bizarre – and yet that is the world we are now living in.