Watch Pro-Trump Mike Huckabee Shred With Korn Metal Guitarist Brian Welch

Pro-Americanism is the new counter-culture. This actually started back in the days of Ronald Reagan but in the Age of Trump has become an even more vital and increasingly powerful counter-culture movement. 

Liberalism equals group-think collectivism. It’s a mindset that attacks and attempts to destroy anything it deems a threat to its authoritarian rule. We see this daily in the far-left media and entertainment industry where group-think outrage works to silence any and all opposition. Conservatives, libertarians, and plain old common working class people are the opposite of that mindset. They welcome different ways of thinking and while they might not always agree, they’ll defend the right of others to hold views counter to their own.

That’s America—the way it was meant to be.

Here’s just such an example. Two seeming opposites enjoying a moment of music together and finding out they have much more in common than the differences the far left would rather use to divide them. Something to think about…

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