Watch War Hero Republican Dan Crenshaw Blast Google For Dangerous Political Bias

“If we don’t share the values of free speech I’m not sure where we go from here. This practice of silencing millions and millions of people will create wounds and divisions in this country we cannot heal from.” -Congressman Dan Crenshaw

THIS should easily be among the top news story of 2019. Not the anti-climactic Mueller Report. Not the ongoing political posturing of House Democrats. Not White House staff leaks. Not the World Cup. None of those things are as critically important to a society built upon the foundation of free speech and expression that is now being decimated by the censorship madness that infects nearly every level of the modern media complex. 

Put aside political differences and think about what is going on. Voices are being silenced based upon broad and overly-vague definitions of “hate” while other voices that clearly advocate for violence against others are allowed to thrive and divide at the great detriment to the nation and world. Know this—every destructive totalitarian movement in human history began with the silencing of opposing views. We are at that precipice right now and you either are among those who wish to fight against those who would harm free speech or you are among those who are advocating for that harm. I truly is one or the other.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw understands this moment. Watch as he attempts to get Google execs to understand it as well:

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