What’s This? Just Nancy Pelosi With George Soros’s Son Last Month Wearing A ‘DACA Dreamers’ Hat.

Anyone out there still think this whole ‘Human Caravan’ thing wasn’t a coordinated attack against U.S. sovereignty aided and abetted by the Democrat Party and the Soros open borders machine? 

(ABOVE: Here is Nancy Pelosi, who wants so very to be Speaker of the House again, standing shoulder to shoulder with Alexander Soros, Deputy Chair of the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations. Soros is openly and proudly wearing his no borders intent atop his head. Whispers suggest the Soros family has donated millions to form the caravan in Central America and see it safely through Mexico with much of those millions going to bribe Mexican government officials both great and small.  It’s believed their intent is to create violence/chaos on America’s southern border just days before the 2018 Midterms.)

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