White House Correspondents’ Dinner President Apologizes For Tasteless Tone Of Event – Will Resign Position This Summer

It was by nearly all accounts a shockingly tasteless display that was particularly offensive to women. Some of the media figures who attended clapped their approval but many did not and as clips of last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner filtered throughout Mainstream America and the outrage grew the Dinner’s president promptly apologized and promised to resign her position by summer.

The American media is dominated by low-IQ left-wing hacks who openly mock the very institutions in America that have allowed them to make such remarkably good livings. Their behavior is that of a spoiled child who declares how they hate their parents while also living under their parents’ roof and greedily spending the allowance their parents give to them. The immaturity of these people is off the charts.

Good on President Trump for refusing to participate in such a crass display of hateful anti-Americanism.