WHOA! France’s Version Of Donald Trump Surges To Lead In Latest Presidential Poll

Marine Le Pen is a staunch advocate of “France First” – a political platform very similar to that of President Donald Trump who recently kicked over the Establishment money tables in the D.C. Temple in what might very well be the most shocking election victory in U.S. political history.

And what Trump did in America, Le Pen is now poised to do in France as voters, disgusted by a weak globalist-leaning government and rampant immigration-related violence, demand change.

It is a stunning reversal in French politics that has Le Pen’s Front National party emerging from the political wilderness where it was once a political bystander. Now, with Le Pen at the lead, it is poised to become a far more influential player in shaping the nation’s future.

Le Pen has called for a referendum on France’s participation in the European Union. If France were to go the way of Great Britain which voted to leave the EU last year, it would likely spell the end of the globalist organization. Just yesterday she told a Paris audience her unwavering belief in a “Europe of nations” where countries were free to pursue their own goals and identities free from outsider influence.:


“I rejoice in Europeans claiming back their freedom against the attempts to create an artificial superstate. The European Union is not the solution, it’s the problem.”

Such talk is a direct slap in the face of those who continue to work toward a globalist government that has seen national identities throughout Europe decimated via a deluge of immigration whereby hundreds of thousands have entered Western European nations whose history and culture they despise. Sadly, on occasion, terrible violence has been the result.

Le Pen is declaring enough. It now appears more and more French voters are inclined to agree.


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