Why Are The Hollywood And D.C. Elites Saying So Little About The Protests In China?

Hundreds of thousands fill the streets of Hong Kong risking their lives to protest an oppressive communist regime—and the American elites say almost nothing.


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The answer, sadly, is all too clear:

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The Chinese government owns much of Hollywood and the media-entertainment complex throughout the United States. So much so that when a film is made in America, the studio has to be seek approval by the Chinese government in order to be granted access to the Chinese movie-goer market and that alone is often the difference between profit and loss.

China knows this. Hollywood knows this.

All of these “activist” celebrities in this country are so quick to speak out on issues that don’t impact their pocketbooks but when a major event like what is taking place in Hong Kong right now breaks out what do they do? THEY GO SILENT because to lose favor with China is to potentially lose a career.

Yes, China’s influence on Hollywood really is that significant. If the Chinese government demands more celebrities suddenly speak out on “climate change” (which in turn could negatively impact the U.S. economy) then that is exactly what happens. If the Chinese government demands more celebrities speak out on issues of race, religion, immigration, etc. (thus further dividing American citizens against each other) then that is exactly what happens.

See how it works?

Hollywood overflows with celebrities all too willing to be told what to say so long as they are compensated for doing so and the Chinese regime is quite happy to give them the script to read from.

This influence then extends from Hollywood to the halls of Congress, universities, book publishers, and beyond. Billions of dollars pouring in from Bejing all for the purpose of shaping public opinion in America.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, real people are taking equally real and great risk to fight for their collective futures.

They deserve nothing less than our full support.

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