Why Doesn’t The Far Left Complain About Nike Sweatshops Anymore?

Protesting Nike used to be a go-to event for various far-left groups in America. A massive company using slave-labor conditions to produce low-cost products that are then resold at 1000% mark-ups was representative of what was, in their minds, so wrong with globalized capitalism.

Then, suddenly, all that protest vanished.  Why?

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The answer is simple. Nike’s marketing machine turned its attention to controversial anti-police, anti-America, former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The company paid Kaepernick millions to divert attention away from its deplorable overseas operations and instead convince consumers how horrible American was—except for those who wore Nike products apparently.

No, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense but it appears to have worked. Nike is now beloved by many on the far-left for supporting the anti-American multi-millionaire Kaepernick.

Some might wonder if the far-left can be that stupid, that superficial, and that ignorant.

YES – and Nike knows it. When it comes to manipulating spoiled rich low-IQ white consumers with insipid virtue-signaling, Nike’s motto remains consistent:


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