Will The American People Give Congressman Jim Jordan A Chance To Help President Trump Make America Great Again?

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan is as loved among conservatives as he his hated by the political establishment of both parties. During the November 2018 Midterms, voters will be given the chance to help make Congressman Jordan the House Speaker – something the congressman’s many enemies are determined to never allow happen. 

The reason for the Establishment’s anti-Jordan bent is simple. Just check out what the congressman is promising should he become House Speaker:

**Actually repeal Obamacare.
**Pass “across-the-board” welfare reform that requires able-bodied adults to work to receive benefits.
**Build a wall on America’s southern border, reform our broken immigration system, and enact a merit-based immigration system.
**Make the individual tax cuts permanent.
**End taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.
**Cut spending to ensure that “we never see $1 trillion deficits.”

It would be the total destruction of what remains of Barack Obama’s legacy and the full consolidation of Donald Trump’s “Make American Great Again” agenda.

The war is on. The only question remaining is what side the voters will be on this November?