WINNING: U.S. Wage Growth Spikes – Highest In Nearly A Decade.

It’s another pro-American worker statistic the Establishment Media and Democrats don’t want you to know about.

Current wage growth in the U.S. is at it’s highest level in nearly ten years while unemployment is at its lowest levels in about 50 years!


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The unemployment rate fell in February, from 4 percent to 3.8 percent — which is one of the lowest unemployment rates in the past 50 years.

The latest jobs report is also (mostly) good news for workers. Such a low unemployment rate means that nearly every American who wants to and is able to work has likely snagged a job by now. And those who lose their jobs or decide to leave probably won’t have a hard time finding another position. The data also suggests employers are having difficulty filling open positions as the labor pool continues to shrink — forcing businesses to raise wages to keep and attract workers.

And wages did keep growing in February, a lot faster than they have in recent months.