WITNESS TAMPERING: Former FBI Agent & Friend Of Christine Ford Accused Of Pressuring Witness To Change Testimony

Christine Blasey Ford testified before a Senate committee last week that her long ago friend was at the same party where a then 17-year old Brett Kavanaugh was alleged to have tried to make out with her in an upstairs bedroom. Ford stated she was forever traumatized by that event, though, she can’t recall when or where it happened. This friend’s name is Leland Ingham Keyser. Keyser disputed Ford’s claim, saying she had no memory of any such party. Keyser then later told FBI agents that she felt pressured to revise that version in order to support Ford. This pressure is said to have come from Ford’s current friend and former FBI agent, Monica McLean. There are also rumors swirling that McLean was acting on the direction of certain Senate Democrats – possibly Diane Feinstein. Perhaps this is why Senator Feinstein appeared so shaken yesterday morning during a very brief press conference. Has her hand been caught in the witness tampering cookie jar?

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Via Fox News:

…Keyser told the investigators that she was — as the Journal notes — urged to clarify her statement by Monica McLean, a former FBI agent and friend of Ford’s, the paper reported, citing people familiar with the matter.

McLean’s lawyer denied his client tried to influence Keyser to change her account, calling it “absolutely false.”

And here is a video of Senator Diane Feinstein shortly after she reviewed the FBI’s supplemental Kavanaugh report which likely contained the above information:

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