Wounded War Veteran Dan Crenshaw Blasts Bernie Sanders’ Refusal To Help Solve Border Crisis

Not so long ago Democrats and the media were declaring there was NO crisis at the U.S. southern border.

Now they are declaring it’s a 24/7 crisis of epic proportions—but doing NOTHING about it beyond making it a political talking point.

Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is front-and-center for that kind of do-nothing hypocrisy and decorated wounded warrior and Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw just called Senator Sanders out BIG TIME on that fact:

Illegal crossings into the  United States are stretching border security resources beyond thin and to date, the only ones attempting to do anything about it are President Trump and a handful of Republicans unafraid of taking on the increasingly dangerous issue.

Secure the border. Reform immigration so that good people wanting to legally become part of the United States can have the process expedited and not have to wait months and years to do so.

It’s basic common sense but in Washington D.C. it seems common sense is about as rare as an honest politician.