WOW! Even Adam Schiff Now Says No Trump Impeachment – Begs Voters To Vote President Out In 2020.

For more than two years Congressman Adam Schiff declared Congress had all the evidence it needed to impeach Donald Trump. He repeated time and time again that he would prove that President Trump colluded with Russia.

It now appears certain that Schiff lied. He had no proof. Not only that, the only real collusion that has been proven so far is between Russia and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Now, Congressman Schiff and a host of other Democrats are backtracking on the impeachment push and instead begging voters to vote President Trump out of office in 2020. Will more Americans fall for this manipulative nonsense yet again? Or, will they instead take just a moment to learn the facts, realize they were bamboozled, and remove the Democrats responsible for the hoax?

We shall see…


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The Bowman Boys (The Sultan Saga Book 1) by [Ulsterman, D.W.]The Bowman Boys (The Sultan Saga Book 1) by [Ulsterman, D.W.]

“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”

The year is 1923 and Prohibition is the law of the land.
Levi Bowman and his four sons struggle to survive and thrive in the remote woods and mountains outpost of Sultan, Washington. It is a time and place governed by the gun and the fist where family comes first, rules are meant to be broken, and enemies put down.