Yet More Proof How The Epstein Scandal Cuts Across Political Party Lines…

Don’t ever forget that when running for POTUS, Donald Trump was feared/hated by powerful elites throughout the nation regardless of their political affiliation. It’s been a long-standing fact that the longer people stay in Washington D.C. the less the terms “Republican” or “Democrat” mean – the only thing they eventually subscribe to is that of POWER. 

Now, as president, Donald Trump continues to work hard to drain the D.C. swamp and return that power back to the American people by taking it out of the scandal-riddled hands of the political and media elites.

Case in point: Jeffrey Epstein and Les Wexner…

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Below is a real estate deal alleged to be between Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein via an offshore shell account through which Wexner sold a multi-million dollar property to Epstein for well below market value. It’s a deal that most likely is receiving much more scrutiny now that Mr. Epstein is behind bars and awaiting trial.



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