It’s been an even more clunky version of the failed Mueller investigation. Far-left Democrats were hoping to see American voters come out in support of impeaching President Trump. (Apparently, for the crime of winning the 2016 election. )

That didn’t happen. Not even close.

Now, with the 2020 elections looming, an increasingly nervous batch of Democrats whose districts are found in pro-Trump locations all across the country are looking to Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get them out of this political disaster of their own making.

Image result for Nancy Peloso screaming"

Image result for Nancy Peloso screaming"

Via: Real Politics:

…Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and progressive members of the Democratic caucus have certainly shown that they are in a hurry. What they haven’t shown is why independent voters and centrist Democrats should be, too.

Two key pieces of evidence indicate the public is prepared to wait until November 2020 and decide for themselves whether Trump is fit for office. The first is polling. Trump’s overall popularity has remained remarkably steady in national polls. It’s in the low- to mid-40% range and edging up. In battleground states, it is slightly better. What must trouble Democrats is not only the battleground numbers but the trend, which favors the president, not Pelosi. The second clue is that Democratic presidential candidates are not emphasizing impeachment or the urgent need for it. They offer the usual formulaic answers when MSNBC debate moderators ask about it, but the candidates themselves don’t bring up the topic. They must be looking at internal polls and focus groups that show even partisan audiences in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina have other, more pressing concerns.

The voters are saying, “Where’s the fire?” Schiff and Pelosi must be wondering the same thing and asking, “Where do we go now?” Unfortunately, they have already pulled the fire alarm. It’s the second time they’ve done it, and the first responders are getting grumpy.


Ah, but there IS a fire coming soon in D.C. in the form of two investigative conclusions – the IG report of Obama-era FISA abuses due in early December and the DOJ investigation into Obama-era intelligence community abuses that will soon follow likely in early 2020. The quiet talk right now is that both reports will be devastating to some very high-profile D.C. players who appear to have attempted to void the will of the voters following the 2016 election. Some are even suggesting this wrongdoing could reach all the way to Barack Obama himself.

We shall see.


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