Speaker Pelosi slipped up during her interview with 60 Minutes that aired last night which would appear to confirm that the so-called “whistleblower” complaint was and remains a Deep State set up meant to harm the president and at least some in power in Washington D.C. noticed . . .

(Scroll down to watch the video)

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Note how Pelosi tries awkwardly to cover the unintended verbal slip by saying the details of the classified phone call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine were “in the public domain.”


For Nancy Pelosi to know the contents of that classified phone conversation before the president made it public would have required spying followed by a leak – both of which are serious legal violations of national security.

If 60 Minutes was an example of true investigative journalism it would have pounced on Pelosi’s slip up and demanded how she really came to know of that information. Instead, the interviewer merely nods and continues on asking the questions that were already pre-approved by Speaker Pelosi’s staff.


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