It appears Americans are all but ignoring the radical Democrat impeachment sideshow that has made Congress even more irrelevant to the lives of everyday people than it already was.

Instead, people are embracing the holiday spirit with record-breaking purchasing due in large part to the remarkable strength and resilience of the Trump economy.

Via Fox Business:

Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney said he believes that surging online holiday sales and persistent fears of a European recession put President Donald Trump in a strong position at home and abroad as he heads to the NATO Summit in London and Democrats prepare for another week of House impeachment hearings.

“President Trump is in the driver’s seat when it comes to prosperity and presidential power. The impeachment drive is increasingly irrelevant,” said Varney on Fox Nation’s “My Take.”

In the second-largest online sales day ever, Black Friday shoppers spent $7.4 billion, according to preliminary data published by Adobe Analytics. Small Business Saturday sales reached $3.6 billion dollars, representing an 18% increase over 2018, and Cyber Monday is shaping up to be a record-breaker.

“The new week begins in fine style. It is Cyber Monday and record online sales are confidently expected,” continued Varney. “Actually, the whole Thanksgiving period has become an online selling bonanza. It should add up to maybe $20 billion in sales from Thursday through Monday? Huge.

“The wealth effect is kicking in,” he said. “That is, people feel able to spend more because their investments, especially their pension savings, are doing so well. Stocks have gone straight up since the early fall. Consumers have money to spend. These are prosperous times.”

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