Democrat? Republican? When it comes to far-reaching global corruption they are the same hands washing the other. The Biden family shenanigans appear to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and that is why the far-left media is working so hard right now to distract Americans from the truth.

Barack Obama? The Clintons? The Pelosi clan? The Bush family? Soros?  Romney? Yup – they and others are all linked by this now-developing story…

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HINT: Unofficial Obama Machine spokesperson Susan Rice was already sent out to attempt a bit of damage control last week. Should Valerie Jarrett suddenly emerge to try to do the same we’ll know the investigation into all of the Obama-era corruption that is ongoing right now (the one the far-left media doesn’t want you to know about) is getting much too close for comfort for them. Make no mistake, behind the scenes the order has gone out to shut this investigation down.


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