“A big waste of time and resources.”

The far-left, anti-Trump Democrats have nothing but some strident complaints of things that didn’t happen and then actually go so far as to accuse the president of “obstruction” because he dared to speak out against the unlawful and anti-American proceedings that House Democrats were attempting to use to topple his presidency and thus ignore the will of the voters in the 2016 election.

The Adam Schiff impeachment “report” reads like the hysterical antics of a teenager complaining about the rules that go along with living with their parents – all emotion and no facts.

The four primary “witnesses” were hardly witness to anything beyond personally not liking the president. Nearly every line of the report drips with tone of “Trump is a big meanie!”

Schiff complains that the Trump White House didn’t fully cooperate with his sham of an investigation. “Impeach!”

Schiff complains that President Trump dared to publicly defend himself against the baseless charges being leveled against him. “Impeach!”

Schiff complains that the president is an intimidating personality. “Impeach!”

What a horrible sham the Democrat Party has become. Is it any wonder Nancy Pelosi is in Spain when this pathetic “impeachment report” was made public? She’s right now scrambling to figure a way out of this mess before tens of millions of voters remove her from the Speaker’s Office and return the House to the Republicans in 2020.

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