The Real Reason Nancy Pelosi Won’t Hold A Real Vote On Impeachment

She’s afraid. That’s the simple, undeniable truth of it. You see, should the House Democrats actually hold a real impeachment inquiry, Republicans would then have Constitutional defense powers. In short, they could call witnesses and start openly digging into all of the Deep State illegal activity that was swirling around the 2016 Election. They never […]

NBA Rocked By Its “Woke Culture” China Hypocrisy

Since Donald Trump became president the NBA has been among the most consistently outspoken anti-Trump sports institutions with a multitude of multi-millionaire players and coaches repeatedly speaking out against the president and America. Then came the China debacle where these very same players and coaches actually apologized to communist China, one of the worst human […]

REPORT: President Trump’s Remarkable 300% Middle Class Boom

No president since Ronald Reagan has been so good to Middle-Class families as President Trump. While these same families struggled under the burden of eight long years of a tepid Obama economy, the Trump years have been marked by remarkable growth in job creation, wages, and family net worth. In fact, in just three years […]

REPORT: President Trump’s War Against The “One Branch Government”

It’s called the “Administrative State” – that collection of deeply entrenched lifetime bureaucrats whose authority was suddenly increased tenfold during the Obama years and that now threatens to negate the Constitutionally mandated powers of the three branches of government. On day one of his first term President Trump has gone to war against this “Administrative […]

WINNING! President Trump’s Regulatory Reforms Put $3,100+ Into Every American Family’s Pockets

A promise made. Another promise kept. President Trump’s aggressive fight to remove power from Washington D.C. and give it back to the American people is already remarkably successful and helping to make millions of families across the nation more financially secure and independent from the burden of government interference. Las Vegas Review: President Donald Trump […]

Hunter Biden Steps Down From Mysterious China Equity Firm

After days of “Where’s Hunter?” being posted and shared throughout social media, Hunter Biden, via a prepared statement from his attorney, announced he has resigned his board position on a China-backed private equity firm that is said to have given billions to Biden’s firm following a visit by then-Vice President and current presidential candidate, Joe […]

REPORT: Dems Better Not Count On Hispanic Vote Because POTUS Trump Is Winning Them Over

Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low and for first-generation legal immigrants, life has never been better with more opportunity, more success, and more hope, than it is right now with Donald Trump as president. While Democrat politicians preach fear and division the president is delivering on quality of life and economic security for Hispanic […]

President Trump: America’s Only True Political Rock Star

More than 20,000 supporters packed a Trump rally this week in Minneapolis and greeted the president with the kind of support and adoration that is normally only the realm of rock stars. They represented young and old alike and shared the common themes of a love for American and its current president and were a […]

REPORT: Six Troubling Facts About The Biden Family’s China Dealings

China has spent BILLIONS influencing U.S. media / entertainment / culture/ education, and politics. About $2 billion of that was spent on a mysterious investment fund run by Hunter Biden – an investment that began within days after then-Vice President Joe Biden visited with the fund’s #1 investor. This investment arrangement is said to be […]

BREAKING: Joe Biden Just Tossed Obama Under the Bus: “Obama White House Approved Ukraine Deal”

The sharks are circling the sharks it seems. There is NO WAY Joe Biden risks alienating his former boss like this unless he’s extremely nervous about what the investigation into his dealings regarding Ukraine might reveal. Popcorn moment indeed! H/T The Gateway Pundit: Today the Biden Campaign tossed Barack Obama under the bus — blaming […]

REPORT: Former Ukraine Ambassador Blocked Evidence Of 2016 Anti-Trump Operation Implicating President Obama

Yikes, the real news that the fake news is intentionally ignoring is coming fast and furious these days. This one involves the recently fired Ukraine ambassador’s role in burying evidence involving Ukrainian anti-Trump operatives working with the DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Obama White House. Via The Gateway Pundit: Ambassador Yovanovich is a noted […]

Breaking: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Attorney Worked Directly For James Clapper

Obama-era Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appears to have a direct link to the Trump-Ukraine impeachment hoax by way of being the former supervisor for the original alleged “whistleblower” attorney who helped initiate the latest anti-Trump attempt by the far-left Deep State according to a just-released report by The Federalist. One of the attorneys […]

REPORT: The Time NBC Ignored Weinstein Abuses In Order To Protect Hillary Clinton

“It’s the most reliable standard in politics: Whatever the left accuses you of, is exactly what they’re doing themselves.” So says a scathing rebuke from Tucker Carlson regarding repeated false outrage from the radical left when it comes to topics like misogyny, racism, and corruption. Via Real Clear Politics: It’s the most reliable standard in […]