BREAKING: Joe Biden Just Tossed Obama Under the Bus: “Obama White House Approved Ukraine Deal”

The sharks are circling the sharks it seems. There is NO WAY Joe Biden risks alienating his former boss like this unless he’s extremely nervous about what the investigation into his dealings regarding Ukraine might reveal. Popcorn moment indeed! H/T The Gateway Pundit: Today the Biden Campaign tossed Barack Obama under the bus — blaming […]

REPORT: Former Ukraine Ambassador Blocked Evidence Of 2016 Anti-Trump Operation Implicating President Obama

Yikes, the real news that the fake news is intentionally ignoring is coming fast and furious these days. This one involves the recently fired Ukraine ambassador’s role in burying evidence involving Ukrainian anti-Trump operatives working with the DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Obama White House. Via The Gateway Pundit: Ambassador Yovanovich is a noted […]

Breaking: Anti-Trump Whistleblower Attorney Worked Directly For James Clapper

Obama-era Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appears to have a direct link to the Trump-Ukraine impeachment hoax by way of being the former supervisor for the original alleged “whistleblower” attorney who helped initiate the latest anti-Trump attempt by the far-left Deep State according to a just-released report by The Federalist. One of the attorneys […]

REPORT: The Time NBC Ignored Weinstein Abuses In Order To Protect Hillary Clinton

“It’s the most reliable standard in politics: Whatever the left accuses you of, is exactly what they’re doing themselves.” So says a scathing rebuke from Tucker Carlson regarding repeated false outrage from the radical left when it comes to topics like misogyny, racism, and corruption. Via Real Clear Politics: It’s the most reliable standard in […]

DOH! Biden Ukraine Scheme Hatched At Very Same Time Clinton Campaign Hired Dossier Author, Christopher Steele

When one steps back and really takes an honest look at the evidence that is already out there it becomes undeniably clear “they” were all working to enrich themselves while weakening America. From George Soros, Joe Biden, the Clintons, to Barack Obama, (and many more) such knowledge can be both terribly disappointing and downright exhausting […]

Will Impeachment Fiasco Help Republicans Retake The House? It’s Starting To Look That Way…

House Democrats are a complete shambles of wild-eyed soundbites, ludicrous posturing, and repeated lies that have all but their far-left radical base shaking heads and rethinking their votes come 2020. Has Nancy Pelosi become the D.C. equivalent of Arrested Development’s often-ridiculed Gob? Via: Politico: House Republicans have been struggling mightily to recruit candidates in key […]

Democrat Adam “Shifty” Schiff Caught Red-Handed Lying AGAIN.

He was put in charge of the fake House impeachment inquiry perhaps because of his penchant for lying about anything at any time and making good on the reputation yet again, here is Democrat Adam Schiff caught engaged in another fabrication. Schiff claimed the Ukraine whistleblower has been receiving “death threats.” Really? How is that […]

REPORT: Chuck Todd and the Demise of True Journalism

Chuck Todd isn’t a journalist so much as an increasingly far-left globalist mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. If a member of the liberal elite is at fault Todd either ignores that wrongdoing, defends it, or sympathizes. If someone who is politically moderate (what the far-left media now calls the far-right) Todd attacks, exaggerates, vilifies, and […]

AND SO IT BEGINS… Info Links Globalist Elites Like Obama, Pelosi, Romney, and Bush Family To Ukraine Corruption

Democrat? Republican? When it comes to far-reaching global corruption they are the same hands washing the other. The Biden family shenanigans appear to be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and that is why the far-left media is working so hard right now to distract Americans from the truth. Barack Obama? The Clintons? The […]

REPORT: Ukraine Was Ground Zero For The Russia Collusion Hoax

The shady dealings in Ukraine go far beyond the Biden family’s most recent alleged illegal money grab. No, that troubled country and its long and sordid history of corruption have been a favorite cash cow of the globalist elites for decades and President Trump is among the very few in Washington D.C. who appears determined […]

REPORT: Trump Knows Ukraine Owns the Democrats

The sudden push to hammer President Trump and his tens of millions of supporters with an impeachment threat seems oddly out of place even within the highly divisive political climate of the day. The charge of a quid quo pro has already fallen apart. So, more and more are now asking, what’s this REALLY all […]

REPORT: Pelosi Considering Pulling Plug On Impeachment Dumpster Fire?

Democrats are a failed political party without any substantive ideas beyond their ongoing hatred of President Trump and his remarkably successful America-First agenda. Now, the party and its floundering leadership are looking at a rising tide of support for the president as more and more details emerge about what appears to have been a badly […]

REPORT: Schiff’s Shifty Timeline

“What did the House Intel Committee chairman know and when did he know it?” That is the very pertinent question being posed by award-winning investigative WSJ journalist, Kimberly Strassel, that points to a potential political scheme with some very serious ramifications involving high-ranking Democrats working to overturn the 2016 Election. Via The Wall Street Journal: […]