The political earth appears to be shifting under the feet of Democrats these days, led by minority voters who are tired of decades of being ignored and abused by liberal policies that have done nothing but tear apart communities and stifle freedom, liberty, and opportunity across America.

President Trump has delivered on his promise to improve the lives of ALL Americans, helping to give them jobs, higher wages, and overall improved quality of life.

Now, a Marist poll this weekend gives President Trump nearly 30% support which is more than DOUBLE what his more recent Republican predecessors could ever accomplish:

If this trend holds (or improves) come 2020 it will be an epic landslide re-election the likes of which America has not seen since the days of Ronald Reagan, who, like President Trump, managed to reinvigorate a U.S. economy that helped millions to finally leave the poverty prison that liberal policies had put them in.

You won’t find this being reported in the far-left media so please share far and wide!

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