When none other than the New York Times came out with an article today indicating the still anonymous Trump-Ukraine “whistleblower” reached out to Congressman Adam Schiff’s office BEFORE actually filing the complaint, President Trump pounced on the news as proof of dishonest collusion between anti-Trump forces both in Congress and the Deep State. Schiff has earlier indicated he had not spoken to the whistleblower and didn’t know his/her identity. Today, that denial changed into “we haven’t spoken to them directly” a claim longtime and award-winning journalist Britt Hume was quick to point out smelled like a Schiffty cover-up:

Here is video of Schiff from just two weeks ago declaring “we have not spoken to the whistleblower”:

It also adds a great deal of credibility to President Trump’s assertion that it’s likely Schiff’s staff that helped to write the whistleblower complaint – a grievous error in protocol.

This latest news has resulted in even more claims that like Congressman Schiff’s self-confessed “parody” of President Trump’s now-infamous phone conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart, the entirety of the alleged whistleblower complaint should be considered a pathetic parody as well that is nothing more than another failed attempt to try to damage a president who has already done so much good for the American people.

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From The New York Times today: Schiff Got Early Account of Accusations as Whistle-Blower’s Concerns Grew



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