Following an earlier warning from Tyson foods last week, retail giant Costco is now sounding similar alarms with a formal announcement that it is limiting food purchases on certain items – particularly meats as it fears a massive shortage could be coming soon.

If the U.S. doesn’t get back to work quickly and efficiently, a full-scale supply-chain crisis could be next as some local and state governments will have no choice but to mandate something unheard of in America – food rationing. With each passing day it is becoming increasingly clear the “cure” for the coronavirus, namely shutting down the economy, is proving far more damaging than the virus itself.

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Via Financial Post:

America’s biggest meat processor says food supply chain is ‘breaking’ and millions of pounds of meat will vanish from grocery stores

Costco Wholesale Corp said on Monday it had limited the number of beef, pork and poultry products customers can buy, as grocery stores prepare for massive shortages of meat supplies following coronavirus-induced supply disruptions.

Costco said it would temporarily limit fresh beef, pork and poultry purchases to a total of 3 items per Costco member, following Kroger Co, which has put purchase limits on ground beef and fresh pork at some of its stores.

John Tyson, chairman of the United States’ largest meat processing company Tyson Foods Inc said last week the food supply chain was “breaking” and millions of pounds of meat would vanish from grocery stores in the country.

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