It appears some are finally following the example of President Trump and refusing to be intimidated by the D.C. swamp.

Democrat Adam Schiff is attempting to fool enough voters with his impeachment hoax to damage the president even as more and more are waking up to his hyper-partisan tactics that further push the country toward dangerous division. Today, four White House staff effectively told Mr. Schiff to go to hell and ignored his subpoenas for them to testify today.

Image result for Adam Schiff pencil neck"

Image result for Adam Schiff pencil neck"

Schiff is now claiming President Trump is “obstructing justice.”

What Mr. Schiff conveniently left out is that the four White House officials who ignored today’s subpoena did so because Schiff refused to allow them to attend the hearings with administration lawyers. It is yet another example of how the Democrats won’t allow even the most basic of fair representation.

If the case against the president was so strong why then are Democrats so clearly fearful to allow witnesses a fair, open, and honest chance to give their version of events?

The answer is simple – President Trump did nothing wrong, the Democrats know it, but are willing to use impeachment as a political weapon to try and prevent the president from easily winning a second term in 2020.

It’s an all-new low for D.C. politics but today’s Democrat Party (and a number of spineless Republicans) seems willing to go as low as it takes to maintain power and continue attacking American ideals, traditions, and the American people.

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