Yet more remarkably good news regarding the coronavirus pandemic that is being all but ignored by the far-left media in America.

Information from Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Australia all confirm that Covid-19 poses almost no risk to children and that children in turn pose no risk of transmitting the virus to others. The result of this information has been to re-open schools in Switzerland and The Netherlands and to allow grandparents to once again enjoy time with their grandchildren.

Knowing that, how odd to watch America’s far-left media and politicians say nothing about this very positive development. Instead, we are served more panic-inducing headlines about potential “second waves” of the virus and authoritarian demands that the U.S. economy remains shut down as tens of millions of families face poverty-level disaster.

Read on to learn more…

Via Gateway Pundit:

The Netherlands Joins Switzerland: Will Reopen Schools Based on Findings that Children are Not at Risk of Coronavirus and Not Carriers

As reported previously Switzerland removed restrictions on grandparents from hugging their young grandchildren after studies found that young grandchildren do not transmit the disease and are at less risk for serious health issues due to the coronavirus.

new study from Australia found that children are unlikely to transmit Covid-19 between each other or to adults.

And now The Netherlands has joined Switzerland and is reopening their schools.

This comes after studies confirm childen are not at risk for the coronavirus and are not carriers.

All of which begs the question – why are far-left politicians and the media so determined to keep Americans locked down when all evidence points to the coronavirus being far less of a health threat than originally reported? Why are they pushing so much negative news and ignoring the positive? Why are they seemingly so supportive of destroying the U.S. economy?

None of this feels right and more and more need to demand answers before the damage done to America is too great and the time to recover is too late.

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