A highly respected New York physician is urging all healthcare professionals in American and around the world to initiate a coronavirus treatment plan that includes the drug Hydroxychloroquine, described by President Trump days earlier as promising, which Dr. Zev Zelenko has been administering to his patients throughout Monroe, New York which is one of the virus hotbeds. Dr. Zelenko states this 5-day round of treatments has resulted in the following:

“ZERO deaths. ZERO hospitalizations. ZERO intubations.”

Here is the doctor’s urgent letter to all healthcare providers. Please read and share far and wide as it will likely offer some much-needed hope and calm to many who continue to be panicked about the coronavirus due to the media’s 24/7 hype machine. As for Dr. Zelenko, he  is already being attacked by the far-left media machine for his work in trying to save lives.

(Also check out a video from Dr. Zelenko below as well.)

And here is a very recent article from Forward.com:

This doctor is already treating patients with Trump’s ‘gift from God’ drug

A doctor treating clients in a Hasidic village in upstate New York said in an interview on Tuesday that none of the roughly 500 people he has treated for coronavirus symptoms has required hospitalization. He said he has been using an experimental treatment based around a drug touted by President Trump, and Sean Hannity has discussed his work on the Fox News Channel.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a board-certified family practitioner who runs a family clinic near the village of Kiryas Joel, acknowledged that his regiment was new and untested, and it was too soon to assess its long-term effectiveness. But he said he thinks the rewards of implementing his treatment method are much greater than the risks of waiting to verify its efficacy, and he insisted that he is seeing only positive results from using hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, in combination with two other drugs, on an outpatient basis for patients at higher risk of dying from the virus.

“I’m not claiming any miracle cures,” he said by telephone Tuesday morning. “I’m creative, and I think out of the box. We have an unprecedented health crisis — it requires unique thinking.”

…Shlomo Polachek, the patient representative for Hatzalah, the Orthodox paramedic service, in Monroe, N.Y., which borders Kiryas Joel, said that the Hasidic community there has seen three hospital admissions: two on Monday afternoon and one on Saturday who was released within 24 hours.

“Here in Monroe, it seems to be an indication that it works for the people,” Polachek said of Zelenko’s experimental treatment.

…Already, public health officials in India and Jordan have authorized use of hydroxychlorquine for treating Covid-19. Some doctors in the U.S. are using the drug to treat the disease as well, as well as using it themselves to stave off infection as they treat coronavirus patients.

Zelenko said that he felt that hydroxychloroquine was not being taken seriously as a treatment due a combination of factors, including conservativeness on the part of the government’s medical establishment in requiring a controlled clinical trial, as well as the fact that Trump himself has been pushing for the use of the drug.

“And this is a political year, with a presidential election, and there are forces at play that would prefer to see the economy collapse rather than President Trump to look good, in my opinion,” Zelenko said.

Zelenko said that his regimen is also being studied by medical officials in Israel and Brazil.

He said that he has also been contacted by dozens of doctors interested in his regimen. One doctor who called him, Dr. Avery Knapp, a neuroradiologist with a practice in Florida, said that he realizes Zelenko’s method is untested, but wants the government to investigate to see if his results are real.

“It seems to me to be a very interesting approach,” said Knapp, who said he is not involved in treating coronavirus patients. “There’s not a lot of US studies, but he’s taking basically what a lot of hospitals are doing for inpatient, and he’s taking it one step further, which is taking it to higher risk outpatients.”

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