If true – WOW.

The old Obama-era swamp creatures like John Brennan and company must really be worried about the ongoing investigation into their attempted manipulations of the 2016 Election. (which, by the way, is going on right now.)

If it walks like an attempted coup and talks like an attempted coup then that’s likely what it is, right? All that Obama-era corruption runs DEEP in D.C.

Check it out below…

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Via The Washington Examiner:

The whistleblower who filed a complaint alleging President Trump improperly leveraged military aid to encourage Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden, is a Central Intelligence Agency officer, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The officer was detailed at the White House but has since returned to the CIA. His complaint became public earlier on Thursday, and it revealed, if accurate, that the White House officials “had intervened to ‘lockdown’ all records of the phone call, especially the word-for-word transcript of the call.”

The complaint did not contain firsthand accounts of the controversial phone call, only secondhand and thirdhand information.

“Any decision to report any perceived identifying information of the whistle-blower is deeply concerning and reckless, as it can place the individual in harm’s way,” said Andrew Bakaj, the whistleblower’s lead counsel told the Times. “The whistle-blower has a right to anonymity.”

…The CIA declined to comment for the Times’ story.

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