Once again CNN is left with egg on its face as just a bit of investigation uncovered how brazenly the “news” agency was misrepresenting a poll on how many Americans wanted life to return to normal with or without a coronavirus vaccine.

CNN clearly meant to suggest the vast majority of Americans would choose to remain in lockdown if no virus was available – for a disease that has an approximate 99% survival rate.

The truth was much-much different and CNN was forced to then delete their own tweet:

Via Mediate:

CNN Runs Coronavirus Vaccine Headline Opposite of Actual Poll Result

CNN tweeted a polarizing and surprising statistic this week that suggested a large majority of Americans were in support of continuing strong isolation measures until a vaccine for Covid-19 is developed.

“68% of Americans say a coronavirus vaccine is needed before returning to normal life, a new survey finds,” it said. As one might expect, this stat became a football in the open-don’t open debate on social media.

The problem is that the claim is not remotely true. It’s not “partially” untrue, nor is it merely “misleading.” It is, in fact, grossly untrue. Patently. Outright incorrect.

The reason that’s worded differently is because of what the survey actually says, which is not what the tweet says.

In fact, it’s worse than an egregious misreading, and it’s not simply misleading or requiring clarification. Their headline indicates the opposite of what the Gallup shows. The survey shows that only 9% of would definitely wait until there is a vaccine before returning to normal day-to-day activities.

That’s a small minority, not a large majority.

CNN is not a news agency so much as a far-left, anti-American propaganda machine. This has been proven time and time again.

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