Dr. Ivette Lozano likens what is happening in the U.S. today to her own experience growing up in a communist country, namely the suppression of the truth among media institutions and politicians about a simple and highly effective treatment for those suffering from the coronavirus, especially those younger than 65. It’s the same drug touted by President Trump weeks earlier that has since then been attacked/vilified by the media and the medical establishment in America.

Dr. Lozano knows how effective treating coronavirus patients with Hydroxychloroquine is because she’s been doing it and seeing the results first-hand as patients see their symptoms all but disappear within 24-hours.

As the following video shows (please watch it in its entirety) she is increasingly frustrated over how aggressively medical regulators and politicians have been working to deny this treatment option. People are living in fear. Some are getting sick. Some are dying.

According to Dr. Lozano and many other doctors like her it doesn’t have to be this way.

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