Today’s Democrat Party is in serious need of an intervention.

With a Trump economy thriving, bringing millions of jobs and higher wages to ALL Americans, particularly minorities, peace across the globe, and more hope and opportunity here at home than we’ve seen in generations, the Democrat “leadership” without any real evidence or provocation, appears poised to  impeach President Trump with a purely partisan, anti-American vote less than a year from the 2020 Election and without allowing Republicans even a single day of testimony. It seems what these Democrats fear most of all is allowing the American people to choose their next president, a clear and undeniable indication of just how authoritarian the radicalized House Democrats have become.


Via Fox News:

Robert Ray: Neither impeachment article is a high crime or misdemeanor

Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray reacts to the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress impeachment articles against President Trump:

“My first reaction to that is despite what you just heard from Chairman Nadler, neither one of those is a high crime or misdemeanor. So we have not passed through an investigation over the course of the last several months where it’s not treason, it’s not bribery, it’s not extortion, it’s not a foreign an illegal foreign campaign violation it’s now whatever a majority of the House of Representatives that is controlled by the Democrats say it is, which is abuse of power, abuse of conduct and an inter-branch dispute.”

In short, what the Democrats are doing is using impeachment as a purely political weapon. This has never happened before in American history and is a signal of the deeply-imbedded anti-Americanism that now controls the workings of the Democrat Party. It also harkens back to the dark days of this nation’s troubled past when certain people were not protected by the rule of law but rather hunted down by it – a past that Democrats once claimed to want to fight against to ensure it never happened again.

Today, they are embracing that past. They have become the face of tyranny in the 21st century.

Scary stuff.

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